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  Death of George Martin in London on 08/03/2016
  Concert Performance by Matan Porat of Matan Porat piano in Wigmore Hall on 26/07/2015
  Concert Performance by Stephen Layton - Holst Singers of Miserere: Mass and Motets for an Easter Vigil in Temple Church on 19/03/2015
  Concert Performance by Gothic Voices of Mary, Star of the Sea in Cadogan Hall on 04/03/2015
  Liturgical Performance by Christopher Batchelor - Choir of St Pancras - Antony Pitts of A Service of Thanksgiving for Lillian M. Ruff in St Pancras on 20/01/2015
  Birth of Joan Maud Littlewood in London on 06/10/2014
  Liturgical Performance by London Festival of Contemporary Church Music of 13th London Festival of Contemporary Church Music in St Pancras between 10/05/2014-18/05/2014
  Publication by 1equalmusic of Amen Corner in London on 01/03/2014
  Concert Performance by Deltron 3030 - Deltron 3030 Orchestra of Event 2 in Scala on 12/12/2013
  Concert Performance by Jamie Cullum of Do You Remember in Scala on 12/12/2013
  Publication by Wardsbrook Concerts of Wardsbrook 2014 in London on 02/12/2013
  Concert Performance by Harry Christophers - The Sixteen of The Choral Pilgrimage 2012 (The Earth Resounds) in London on 26/09/2013
  Edition by Hannah French of Toccata in F in London by around 19/06/2013
  Liturgical Performance by James O'Donnell - Choir of Westminster Abbey of A Service to Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of The Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey on 04/06/2013
  Performance by David Owen Norris of Lord Wellington's March in Apsley House on or before 13/05/2013
  Death of Margaret Thatcher in London on 08/04/2013
  Meeting of Antony Pitts - Alexander Sokolov - von Rosen in London on 09/01/2013
  Performance by Madonna of MDNA Tour in London on 17/07/2012
  Concert Performance of Proms 2012 in Cadogan Hall - Royal College of Music - Royal Albert Hall between 13/07/2012-08/09/2012
  Performance by Choir of St Pancras of In My Father's House in St Pancras on 17/05/2012
  Performance of Nunc dimittis in St Pancras on 14/05/2012
  Meeting of John Drinkwater - Jonathan Heaton in London on 23/08/2011
  Performance of I was glad in Westminster Abbey on 29/04/2011
  Composition by Antony Pitts of Who is my neighbour? in Jericho - Ramallah - Jerusalem - Heathrow Airport from 13/12/2010 to no later than 15/12/2010
  Birth of ViolinSchool in London
  Meeting of Peter Tregear - John Drinkwater in London between 2009-2010
  Meeting of Simon Hewitt Jones - John Drinkwater in London in or before 2009
  Composition by Golden Radio of Lessons with Mozart in The Welcome Stranger - Oxford - British Library - The Royal Academy of Music - Vienna in 2009
  Concert Performance by Antony Pitts - The Elysian Singers of London of Arrows of Desire in St Stephen Walbrook on 17/10/2007
  Concert Performance by TONUS PEREGRINUS of Alpha & Omega in St Pancras in 06/2007
  Private Performance by TONUS PEREGRINUS - Antony Pitts of If Music be the Food of Love... in The Athenæum in or after 01/2007
  Concert Performance by TONUS PEREGRINUS of Kings' Daughters in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital on 11/06/2003
  Death of Joan Maud Littlewood in London on 20/09/2002
  Performance by The Clerks of Credo (symbolum super voces musicales) in Wigmore Hall between 1999-2000
  Concert Performance by TONUS PEREGRINUS of A Winter Warmer - Miserere in All Saints Margaret Street on 26/11/1998
  Broadcast by BBC Radio 3 of The Sound of Musicke in London between 1997-1998
  Recording by John Drinkwater - Antony Pitts of The Sound of Musicke in London between 1996-1997
  Studio Performance by Arvo Pärt of Für Alina in Maida Vale Studios in 1996
  Residence of Lleyam Bartholomew in London from 1996
  Performance by Merce Cunningham Dance Company - Merce Cunningham in Riverside Studios on 26/10/1995
  Studio Realization by John Drinkwater - Antony Pitts of Facing the Radio in Broadcasting House between 23/10/1995-24/10/1995
  Meeting of John Drinkwater - Antony Pitts in London in or before 1992
  Meeting of Adrian Jack and Antony Pitts on 01/1992
  Death of Andrzej Panufnik in London on 27/10/1991
  Meeting of Karen Pitts - Murray Perahia in London between 1991-1992
  Composition of Lamentations 5 in Gordon Square in 1991
  Meeting of John Drinkwater - Christine Secombe in London on 02/08/1990
  Death of Ewan MacColl in 1989
  Death of Cornelius Cardew in London on 13/12/1981
  Meeting of John Drinkwater and Adrian Jack in London
  Birth of Lisson Grove Choir in St John's Wood between 05/11/1971-15/11/1971
  Recording of Yesterday in London on 14/06/1965
  Birth of The Edge
  Performance by Academy of St Martin in the Fields in St Martin in the Fields on 13/11/1959
  Death of Carmen Hill in London on 03/02/1952
  Birth of David Bowie in London on 08/01/1947
  Birth of John Rutter in London on 24/09/1945
  Birth of John Tavener in London on 28/10/1944
  Performance by Basil Cameron of Toccata in F in London on 23/06/1943
  Death of George Drinkwater in London in 1941
  Residence of Oskar Kokoschka in London from 1938
  Death of John Drinkwater
  Birth of Bernard Ashley in London on 02/07/1935
  Recording by Henry Joseph Wood - British Symphony Orchestra of Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in London on 16/06/1932
  Birth of Gerry Anderson in London on 14/04/1929
  Birth of George Martin in London on 03/01/1926
  Death of Charles Villiers Stanford on 29/03/1924
  Birth of BBC in London on 18/10/1922
  Birth of John Drinkwater in London on or before 26/11/1921
  Birth of Richard Arnell in London on 15/09/1917
  Arrangement by Henry Joseph Wood of Orchestral Suite No. 6 in London on or before 20/10/1916
  Performance by Henry Joseph Wood of Toccata in F in London in 1906
  Performance by Henry Joseph Wood of Toccata in F in London in 1903
  Birth of Gerald Finzi in London on 14/07/1901
  Birth of Michael Cardew in London in 1901
  Performance by Henry Joseph Wood of Toccata in F in London in 1899
  Performance by Henry Joseph Wood of Toccata in F in London in 1897
  Birth of Ernest John Moeran
  Birth of Margaret Rutherford in London on 11/05/1892
  Death of Alice Mary Smith
  Birth of Henry Joseph Wood in London on 03/03/1869
  Birth of Alice Mary Smith in London
  Visit of Joseph Haydn in London from 1790 to 1792
  Publication by John Walsh of The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba - HANDEL'S SIXTY OVERTURES from all his OPERAS and ORATORIOS set for the HARPSICORD or ORGAN in London in 1750
  Sermon Delivery by John Donne of A Sermon Preached at White-hall, February 29, 1627/8 in Whitehall on 29/02/1628
  Death of Thomas Tallis on 15/12/1585
  Birth of William Byrd in London in 1540
  Inspiration by Thomas Tallis of Ye Sacred Muses in Greenwich

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