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Adrian Jack (Citizen)
Alison Wells (Citizen)
Andrew Nethsingha (Citizen)
Anna Westrop (Citizen)
Antony Pitts (Citizen)
BBC Radio 3 (Citizen)
Boy George (Citizen)
British Broadcasting Corporation (Citizen)
Carmen Hill (Citizen)
Christine Secombe (Citizen)
Cornelius Cardew (Citizen)
Culture Club (Citizen)
David Hinitt (Citizen)
David Hocket (Citizen)
David Jacobs (Citizen)
David Robert Jones (Citizen)
Genesis (Citizen)
George Drinkwater (Citizen)
George Harrison (Citizen)
George Martin (Citizen)
George Parry (Citizen)
Hanna Toms (Citizen)
Hannah Riddell (Citizen)
Jennifer Carter (Citizen)
John Lennon (Citizen)
John Metcalfe (Citizen)
John Pitts (Citizen)
John Rutter (Citizen)
John Tavener (Citizen)
Jonathan Finn (Citizen)
Julian Anderson (Citizen)
Karma Bea Toms (Citizen)
King’s College London (Citizen)
Lal Waterson (Citizen)
Lily Denning (Citizen)
Lleyam Bartholomew (Citizen)
Louisa Fuller (Citizen)
Margaret Thatcher (Citizen)
Marry Waterson (Citizen)
Matthew Head (Citizen)
Michael Cardew (Citizen)
Neil Harrison (Citizen)
Pattie Boyd (Citizen)
Paul McCartney (Citizen)
Pete Waterman (Citizen)
Polwhele House School (Citizen)
Rick Koster (Citizen)
Sir Colin Rex Davis (Citizen)
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (Citizen)
Sophie Harris (Citizen)
Susu (Citizen)
The Beatles (Citizen)
The Bootleg Beatles (Citizen)
The Duke Quartet (Citizen)
The Edge (Citizen)
The Sixteen (Citizen)
Tony Arnell (Citizen)
University of London (Citizen)
Wardsbrook Concerts (Citizen) (Citizen)


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